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About Maldon Pet Resort

Maldon Pet Resort, established in 2012, is located just outside Maldon in Central Victoria. We are approx 25km from Castlemaine, 30km from Maryborough and 45km from Bendigo.

We offer a specialised resort style accommodation for your canine friends. There is hands on interaction between humans and dogs every day as well as dog socialisation for those dogs that like to play with others. We also cater for those pooches that prefer a more sedentary time away from home.

The business is owned and operated by Anne-Maree McComb and Sarah Gillis, who both have many years of experience in Boarding Kennels. Sarah holds Cert III in Companion Animal Services and Cert III in Dog Behaviour and Training.

A dog enjoying Maldon Pet Resort

Play Time

All dogs will spend most of the day in the exercise yards, weather permitting. Shade shelter is provided across all day yards to protect the dogs from the sun. Dogs are exercised alone or in a small group, depending on the compatibility of those in the kennels. Great care is taken to match suitable playmates, because your dogs safety is of paramount importance to us.


Maldon Pet Resort Facilities
Maldon Pet Resort Facilities
Maldon Pet Resort Facilities

Health of your dog(s)


We have a very strict policy regarding vaccinations. Evidence of a C5 vaccination within the last 12 months is required before admission. If your dog has not had a C5 vaccination (which includes Canine Cough coverage) we recommend that it be done at least 14 days prior to coming into the kennels. However, you should consult your vet as full inoculation can take up to 6 weeks to achieve in some circumstances. We make this request for the health and safety of your pet and others.


Dogs are fed on a high performance dry food and 4 Legs Chicken and Rice. Puppies are also catered for with a high protein diet. Dogs with special dietary or medication requirements can be accommodated. Alternatively you are welcome to bring their normal food along with them. Out of hours medication will incur an additional charge.

Veterinary Care:

Should your dog require veterinary care, we will endeavour to take your dog to your own Vet, if possible. In the case of an emergency we will take your dog to one of our local Vets. Our Vet will also contact you if needed. If we believe your dog needs Vet attention, we call the Vet first and endeavour to contact owners as soon as we can. If owners cannot be contacted, the Vets decision will be final and all costs will be payable by owners.

Dogs enjoying Maldon Pet Resort


Dog Size (Prices are Per dog, per day) Rates Peak Rates*
Small Dogs, eg. Jack Russell, Maltese $25 $27
Medium Dogs, eg. Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Kelpie $27 $29
Large Dogs, eg Labrador, Boxer $29 $31
Ex Large Dog, eg. Great Dane, Mastiff $31 $33
*Peak times are in accordance with Victorian school and public holidays

Opening Hours: 9am - 11am, 3pm -5pm

Closed Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday

Rates apply from the day of arrival. If the dog is collected before 10am on the day of departure, that day is not charged for. Dogs picked up after 10am will be charged a full day.

Discounts Available:

Multiple Dogs (3 or more) - 5% Discount

Pensioners - 5% Discount (Pension card must be shown)

Long Stay (15 or more days) - 5% Discount

*Only one discount is applicable per visit

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Please give us a call to book your dog(s) in

0402 994 658

139 Treloars Road, Tarrengower, VIC 3463